Creating A
Life-Long Love
For Learning

Gift your child with the opportunity of interactive education at Little Folks University in Folsom, CA.
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Welcome to Little Folks University

We are more than a preschool or camp

We are an interactive learning environment.

Our teachers thoroughly believe each child is unique and deserves the best possible education.

We offer programs for ages ranging from infancy to school-age. At LFU, we approach education with a personalized mentality, so our programs are well balanced to meet each child’s needs. You can rest assure your child is happy, safe, and secure with us during their school day.

Early Childhood Education - Little Folks University - Folsom, CA

Encouraging Fun Learning For All

Located in Folsom, CA, Little Folks University places a significant focus on the overall well-being of all children who attend our campus. Students, their families, and our teachers are essential to us, and we ensure our school environment and daycare center is safe and enjoyable for all who enter it.

Whether your child is an infant or elementary school age, we have a program designed to fit every age group. We want your children to excel in our stimulating and educational environment and create a life-long love for learning.

Call us at 916-985-7055 to schedule a tour of our warm and inviting school.

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Our Philosophy

We believe each child has a unique personality and different ways of learning.
Our programs are designed to attend to each child and personalize their education in a stimulating and educational environment.
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Our teachers and staff hold the responsibility for your child’s education as a high priority when they are attending LFU and are committed to making them feel safe and encouraged. With our warm and inviting atmosphere, we create a place where children can thrive and feel comfortable.  

Preschool - Little Folks University - Folsom, CA

Our Goals

At Little Folks University, we will help your child:
Build a positive self-image.
Learn to share with others.
Develop a wide variety of basic skills.
Develop fine and gross motor coordination.
Increase your child’s confidence and independence.

Please contact us for more information about our curriculum and programs at 916-985-7055 today!

Monday - Friday: 7:00 AM - 5:30 PM